Belt Sander Deal: Revisited

When I see what I think is a good deal on some item or tool I like to pass it on to my readers.  Some might say that to call me frugal would be an understatement.  One source that I tend to like is CPO Tools and especially their factory reconditioned tools.  I found good products at good prices and never had a problem with anything I purchased from them.

in February I had posted about a Rigid belt sander for sale at $119.99.

The offer at CPO and probably at most retailers was for a limited time.  After that time the price reverts to some higher number.  I had not mentioned a time limit but my assumption was that you would know that the prices were available for a limited time only.

I was reviewing my older posts to clean up this site and check fro broken links and discovered that the link is still active.  But, surprise!  The price is NOT $119.99.  The current  Summer clearance price is $99.99 and you can get a reconditioned one for $89.99.  The offer is good until 8/22/11.

You might check out their other offers, too.,default,pd.html?start=1&q=belt%20sander&ref=em020111img1

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